French Toast Toddler


Is it possible to purchase stock in frozen french toast sticks? About 80% of my recent grocery budget has been designated to supplying my toddler with his fix of french toast. He will consume these delightfully delicious egg dipped strips for breakfast, second breakfast (Hobbit fans, get it?!), lunch, dinner, and the occasional post preschool snack. We are almost to the point of having a maple syrup IV drip on hand.

I never thought I would have a picky eater on my hands, but I do. My child went from eating anything to everything to basically sustaining himself strictly on carbs. He really needs the nutrients from fruits, vegetables, and protein based foods. I’ve tried the Pediasure; and while it worked for a while, he now snubs his nose at the protein packed shake. I’ve even gone to extreme lengths of disguising healthy foods into biscuits, bagels, and baguettes, but he quickly discovers my betrayal. Have you ever had a small child look at you with complete heartbreak? Well I have, and it rocked me to my core.

They, you know the childcare professionals, continuously encourage me to push my child into eating healthy, nutrient packed foods, but I’ve failed. I will now take this opportunity to share something with you that I have never admitted before – My name is Hannah and I am a picky eater enabler! I did it! I admitted my faults.

What is a mom to do when the sunshine of her life sticks out his bottom lip, pouts, and falls apart when he is separated from his beloved french toast? Please tell me! No, really, what are your tips and tricks to changing a picky eater into a kid with an adventurous appetite?

I know this is a phase, or that’s what I keep telling myself, and I look forward to the day when my kids electively consumes a handful of green beans. A mom can only hope (keeping my fingers and toes crossed).


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