Happy Birthday Little Man

I’ve been sitting here for over thirty minutes re-writing the introduction to this blog. It’s not that I can’t find the words to express exactly how I feel, but that I am so overwhelmed by the love I have for my little man. I want to make sure I perfectly encapsulate how much he means to me.

Today Rorie turns two! He has been on this planet for two years, yet I feel like he has been a part of my life since the very beginning. Our journey to have Rorie was a difficult one, and unfortunately one that many women face. We had suffered loss and I felt ultimately defeated and betrayed by my own body (multiple times), but I knew in the depths of my soul that there was a reason for the sadness and heartache.

The moment I found I out I was pregnant with Rorie, something felt different, both physically and emotionally. Something told me that this was IT and fate was finally on my side. Once we hit that 13-week mark, I could expel a partial sigh of relief, because let’s be honest, we never feel completely relaxed as parents; it’s our job to constantly worry. When the ultrasound tech told us we were going to have a boy, I bursted into tears. I wasn’t because I was disappointed, but because this was real. I was going to have a little boy! A boy who will grow up to make a difference in this crazy world. A source of positive change!

After laboring for what seemed like forever, but only required 15 minutes of pushing, I was looking into the face of love. The greatest thing I had ever done in my life, was right there in my arms. He needed me; we needed each other. My love for him was beyond instinctual; it was an instantaneous powerful maternal connection. I dare you take it on, because you will lose. This was my baby. My baby! He will always be my baby.


Now as a two-year-old, we are still connected as we were from the very beginning, but he is more independent. He is a child with opinions and a larger than life personality. I have never met a person who can instantaneously light up a room, effectively demand and receive everyone’s attention, and know exactly what to do to put a smile on someone’s face. What two-year-old brings you a tissue when you’re upset or knows when to give hugs at the right moment? Not many, but my kid does.


Ya’ll I made this magical human being who is outgoing, compassionate, resilient, stubborn as all, slightly OCD, and possesses an unnatural amount of energy. My kid is awesome! I feel privileged to be his mother. I am excited to see what type of person he will become, but I feel certain it will be a caring, compassionate, and accepting individual.

Happy birthday to coolest kid I know! Two never looked so good!

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