His Big Boy Room

We recently moved house. Please let me be the first to tell you, it’s not easy moving when you’re 7+ months pregnant, especially when your super particular and want to do everything on your own. If anyone is considering this, I am going to strongly advise against it.

OK, with that said, the purpose of this post is to highlight one of my favorite rooms in the house; my son’s “big boy” room. I know what you’re thinking, “Hannah he’s still in a crib, how can this be a big boy room?” Well, your observation is correct. Yes, he is still in a crib and I can easily transform his bed into a toddler right now if I wanted to, but he hasn’t expressed any interest in trying to climb out of the crib, so I’m OK just leaving it like that for right now. He can still have a “big boy” room even with a crib. He’s two for heavens sake.

When we moved out of our last home, we had to make a few improvements. We repainted the walls in our master bedroom, Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray. I loved this color so much, I decided I was going to use it in both of my boy’s rooms once we moved into our new place.  That is exactly what I did!


Right when you enter this room, hanging just above the light switch is a framed copy of my mom’s family crest. Rorie is my mother’s maiden name, and I always said, boy or girl, my first born would be named Rorie. I love the uniqueness it adds to the room. “The surname Rorie appears to be patronymical in origin, and is believed to be associated with the Scots, meaning, ‘descendants of Ruairidh, (Red King).’”  How appropriate? He is my little ginger babe after all.


The accent wall is all thanks to my mom, a.k.a. Oma, and the folks at Hobby Lobby. Let me tell you, Hobby Lobby is a dangerous place for someone’s wallet, especially when a grandmother and pregnant mom want to decorate the little one’s room to perfection. From the mountainscapes to the tribal inspiration, this wall sums up my child’s fearless personality. It makes me smile!



Here’s Where You Can Order These Items Online:

Little Explorer MDF Wall Art

Rustic Oars Explore Wall Sign

Strong & Brave Tribal Wall Plaque

Move Mountains MDF Block

Abstract Mountains Wood Sign

Weathered Grey Wooden Wall Arrow

5” MDF Letter – R

Our reading chair is a well loved space in his room. Each night before bed, my son selects three books for us to read together. We snuggle up with his blanket (crocheted by Oma) and favorite companion, a stuffed Alligator named Anton (not pictured, because he’s probably being cuddled to death in the playroom somewhere). The chair was something I inherited from my Nana and she gave me the owl pillow on my 18th birthday. It would take a lot for me to part with these items, so when we moved, I thought these pieces would be great additions to his space. I think they fit in quite nicely.


Above his dresser and changing table (yes, the changing table is reinforced to the reinforced dresser), we added these fabulous inspirational wall stickers, found at our local Target (i.e. the greatest place on earth). The booklet of wall decals consists of sayings, birds, trees, mountains, etc. I didn’t want to leave this wall blank, but I didn’t want there to be any temptation to reach out and pull on anything as well. There are so many wall decals available in the booklet that I will also being using some in baby no. 2’s room.


Here’s Where You Can Order This Item Online:

Paper Riot Travel Often Large Playbook Wall Decals

I heard its terrible Feng shui to have mirror directly facing your bed, so the only true option in this room was to place it next to the crib, but not directly over it. I don’t want anything negative entering through a “mirror portal” and disrupting my kid’s life. I’m too paranoid and anxiety ridden for that. The tribal mirror and chevron arrow garland above his crib were also purchased at Hobby Lobby. These two pieces really tie in the overall theme of his room.


Here’s Where You Can Order These Items Online:

Square Natural Wood Wall Mirror with Arrows

Gray Chevron Arrow Garland Wall Décor

Finally, these personalized Jones Soda Bottles with his ultrasound and one-year-old pictures are proudly displayed on the unreachable top shelf of his bookshelf. My uncle gave these to us as gifts, and I think they are so cool! This would be a great gift for family or favor at a birthday party.


I wanted this room to be a special place for my son. A place for him to grow, develop, and unwind. A toddler’s “sanctuary.” The selected décor aligns with his bigger than life personality, and the personal touches make the room even more special. He may never know how much thought was put into the paint color or the organization of the accent wall, but I do. Let me take a moment to pat myself on the back. “Way to go Hannah; way to go” (she said to herself).

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