A Toddler’s Review: Top 5 Books

My kid is particular (leaning towards OCD) and our bedtime routine is something that cannot change. If it were to change, I truly believe the world would cease to exist, at least to my toddler.

We start-off with bath time, progress to moisturizing, get our jammies on, grab our beloved blanket and stuffed Alligator (a.k.a. Anton), and snuggle up on the reading chair with three books of his choice. His selection of books is a well-thought-out process and usually leans towards the educational side.

I thought it would be fun to have my toddler review his top five favorite nighttime books of the moment. So, I asked him, “what do you think of this book?” The comments made are his opinions and his opinions alone (with mom’s thoughts added in as well).

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? – Bill Martin Jr/ Eric Carle


“Red bird! Red bird!” he exclaims in excitement. The anticipation builds-up and once he sees the next animal, the look of joy takes over his face. This book has really helped him in pairing words together. We went from not wanting to communicate at all, to now being unable to stop, especially during reading time.

Fliptastic Colors – DK Publishing


[Jumping up and down in glee] “Book! Red…flowerrrr, BUG, Berry!” This new addition to the library (thank you Uncle Aaron) not only encourages his identification of colors and objects, but it also works on his hand-eye coordination. Each page flips in a different direction keeping your little one on their toes. It easy for them to just keep flipping through, but this “fliptastic” book requires them to really pay attention.

First 100 Words Board Book – Roger Priddy


This is an oldie, but a goodie. When all else fails this book is guaranteed to delight. “Train! Choo, Choo [pumping his arms up and down] …Yellow [d]uck, quack, quack.” With a collection of actions, objects, and animals, he points out each and when appropriate adds in the accompanying sound. I’ve never seen him as focused as he is when goes through all 100 words.

*This book gets a mom’s all star stamp of approval*

I Love You Stinky Face – Lisa McCourt


“MINE” is screamed at my face when I try to put this book back on the shelf. He clutches it over his heart like a character out of a Jane Austen novel. Instead of me reading it to him, he reads it to me. Passionately he captures the intensity of each of the personalities of the main character. He also loves that there is an alligator on the front cover like his stuffed best friend, Anton.

The Pout-Pout Fish – Deborah Diesen  


SPOILER ALERT – I have read this book so many times, I could recite it to you word-for-word without hesitation. In tandem, he and I say “blub, bluuub, bluuuuub” and when Pout-Pout Fish realizes he is actually a Kiss-Kiss Fish, my son’s face lights up, because he knows he is going to get SMOOCHES! Whenever he’s not feeling well, he runs over to his bookshelf, grabs the Pout-Pout Fish, and says “Peas, Ma!” How can you say no to that sweet baby?

My son’s library of books is extensive, but the selections listed above are his favorites. Not only do they get my seal of approval, but they get the approval of a two-year-old, and let’s be honest folks that says a lot!

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