Woodland Themed Baby Shower – Pinterest Perfect

I am currently 37 weeks pregnant and with every movement I make I feel certain the baby is going to just fall right out of me. Who’s to say when I will have this baby, but I hope it’s soon; very soon!

In preparation to baby brother’s (Duncan Emerson) arrival, my mom and sister showered me with the perfect woodland themed baby shower at my home with a close group of friends and family. These two are not only the greatest Oma and Aunt A to Rorie and Duncan, mom and sister to me, but they are also an all star baby shower planning duo.

Here’s a snap shot of baby Duncan’s woodland themed baby shower:

As you approach my front door, you are promptly greeted with a rustic and wildly true “mama bear” sign hanging on my front door.  It’s the perfect touch to welcoming guests to the shower, but to me it says “Welcome to MY den! A Mama Bear resides here. Beware!” I’m going to hang this up in my office.



At any party or shower, it’s important to have a wide and delicious selection of beverages to choose from. Guests were able to choose from the “Make Your Own Mimosa Bar” (I abstained from the alcoholic beverages) or “Baby Shower Blue Punch.” I alternated between the punch and bottles of water. That punch is quite possibly one of the most delicious party beverages that I have ever had!



Baby Shower Blue Punch Recipe

1 Liter of Ginger Ale

½ Container of Blue Hawaiian Punch

6-8 scoops of vanilla ice cream

Selection of adorable ducks

The yummy spread of food kept me at the dining table for the majority of the shower, and no, it’s not because I’m eating for two. My mom had ordered chicken salad and hummus from Zoës Kitchen. I cannot and will not stop consuming the deliciousness of Zoës Kitchen. I highly recommend them for your catering needs.


The shot glasses of ranch with the three C’s of vegetables, celery, cucumber, and carrot, were a hit. First of all, we all love things that come in a small and compact form (adorable),  but secondly, this is a classic party culinary delight. As a matter of fact, I am chomping down on some carrots and cucumbers right now!


The white chocolate dipped pretzel “twigs” satisfied my sweet and salty cravings while also staying on theme. Everyone wanted to take some of those home at the end of the shower, but there weren’t many left.


The chocolate and vanilla cupcakes were ordered from Publix and they were great! The cake was moist and the icing was not too sweet. My toddler was all about the cupcakes later that evening and my husband was all about getting the vacuum cleaner out and following him around closely, sucking up the crumbs that trailed behind him.


On the center of the gifts table was the cutest diaper cake! It kills me a little bit on the inside that I will have cut into that diaper cake someday soon, because diapers are precious when it comes to having a newborn. Am I right mamas?!


As guests left the shower, they were given a small treat bag of trail mix “to fuel their next adventure.”  My mom meticulously filled, hole punched, and tied each bag, and they turned out fantastic! This would be a perfect treat for a woodland themed party (of course!), boy scout celebration, camping party, etc.



I am beyond grateful for the love I received from friends and family in celebration of this new and exciting chapter in our lives. More importantly, I am blessed to have an amazing mom and sister who go out of their way for me and my family every single day!

My woodland themed shower was just perfect!

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