A Letter to My Firstborn



Dear Squishy Boog,

I am sitting here in the living room watching and listening to you through the baby monitor as you read “Little Owl’s Night” to your best stuffed pal, Anton the Alligator. I can’t help but laugh at how cute you are as your words drift off and then you strongly enunciate one word as you read aloud. You have so much passion in your voice, even as a two-year-old.

As I stare at your adorable little face, I can’t help but think that in a matter of days, we will be adding a little brother into the mix, and I know your world is going to change. All of our lives are going to change, but the one thing that won’t change is my love for you buddy. You’re my sweet cheeks, nugget, and love bug. My little best friend.

I strongly believe the changes that we will be experiencing as a family will all be positive. Our love for you will not lessen because we have another baby, but will grow! You are going to be a wonderful big brother. This baby is beyond lucky to have you. The truth is, he will probably want nothing to do with mommy and daddy, but everything to do with his big brother. He’s going to be your little shadow, following you around and mimicking everything you do. Who wouldn’t want to be like THE Rorie Ayden?

It’s important that you know, no matter how old you are, YOU little man, will always be my baby boy. Our lives began the moment you entered this world. Before you, daddy and I never knew how much we could truly love another person.  You are our firstborn; a true light of our lives.

With these approaching changes, I want to make some promises to you.

  • I promise to always be there for you, no matter what! You will never have to question my love or dedication for you.
  • I promise to always have my arms wide open for hugs and kisses. I’m not sure I could make it if I didn’t have my daily dose of snuggles.
  • I promise to make you aware of how proud we are of you every single day!
  • I promise to continue to tell you how much we love you (double the amount) on a daily basis.
  • I promise that you will ALWAYS be a priority and that you will know you are the heart of my universe.

Again, I can’t believe you are going to be promoted to big brother. A BIG BROTHER! Wow dude, that’s a big boy job, but out of all the kids I know, you are the most qualified. 🙂

I have to say one more time, that even though there is going to be a shift in our lives, a bump in our daily routine, and a new life in our household, I will always love YOU, and that will never, ever change.

It’s you and me little man!

With all of my heart and love,
Mommy (also known as Mummy if you’ve watched a lot of Peppa Pig)

4 thoughts on “A Letter to My Firstborn

  1. Misty D. says:

    I absolutely love this post!! I remember going through those same feelings and emotions when my daughter was born, promoting my little man to big brother!! Now watching those two interact is the most amazing thing in the world. They fight but they also truly love each other and are the best of friends. We are also Peppa Pig fans in this house too. 🙂


  2. softfuzzygunddog says:

    My second daughter was born just over a week ago and it’s crazy how much has changed in such a short time! I try so hard to give Doll the same amount of attention she’s used to but unfortunately she is feeling the change and she’s doing her best to deal with her big emotions, while I try to coach her through, sitting on the couch with a baby glued to my breast, unable to comfort her the way she needs. The best of luck to you, it’s amazing! Congratulations 🙂

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