Product Review and Mom Approved: SippyNipple

As parents, we’ve all been in a number of sticky situations when it comes to our kids. I’m sure you can recall the moments of panic and stress that go along with frantically searching your diaper bag for the right size diaper, the beloved pacifier, or a bottle/sippy cup to quench their thirst.

I wish, like all of you, that there was an answer to all of our problems when it comes to rummaging through the endless pit of our diaper bags. If only there was a way to find all of the lost items we need to handle outbursts of frustration (not just our own, but those of our kids as well). If only!

There is one solution to tackle the bottle and sippy cup problem – SippyNipple is the leak proof water bottle baby nipple for on the go moments.  Dr. Mike’s (certified pediatrician) design allows parents to attach bottle and sippy cup nipples to various water bottles. Not only are you saving money by not purchasing more bottles and cups, you are also supporting the environment by recycling your plastic water bottles.

My toddler can’t go anywhere without his sippy cup. If we were to ever be without it, prepare yourself for a meltdown. Even though I live about 5 minutes away from my son’s preschool, he enjoys his juice and snack on the ride home. Without these items, those 5 minutes seem like 50 minutes.

Recently, I was frantically racing to pick up my son from school and I forgot THE CUP! Sheer terror set in when I realized I didn’t have a beverage on hand for the ride home, but then I remembered I had my SippyNipple in the front pocket of my diaper bag. I quickly grabbed my toddler nipple and locking ring and assembled it to the water bottle I had in the front seat. Let’s just say, we had a very calm car ride home.


SippyNipple offers three nipple sizes for the many stages of your child – 3+ months, 6+ months, and Toddler teething aid. Each pack comes with two nipples and two locking rings. The locking rings are color coded (green and purple) for easy day-to-day use. Green rings fit Ozarka, Arrowhead, Nestle Waters, Poland Spring, Nestle Pure Life, and Zephyrhills, while the purple ring fits Dasani, Deja Blue, and Aquafina. You can use SippyNipple whenever, wherever.

Sippy 2 pack 1

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Sippy 2 pack 2

Sippy 2 pack toddler

Moms, dads, and caregivers, it’s time to lighten your diaper bag and the load on your shoulders, by purchasing SippyNipple. This is a must-have item for both my toddler and newborn. When you’re in a pinch, SippyNipple has your back.

Get your hands on SippyNipple TODAY!

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