The Newborn Night Owl – Part 2 (The Update)

We did it folks! We’ve had a breakthrough! At 17 days old, our newborn has made significant strides in his sleep schedule. We went from waking up every one to two hours to waking up once for a 30-minute feeding!

Let’s all collectively jump up in the air and click our heels together while simultaneously dishing out high fives.

I made it my mission to find a routine that was going to work best for my little man. With my firstborn it was a matter of feeding him right before bed and he would quickly drift off into dreamland. With our newborn, I had to establish a strict routine. This routine can not be changed. It must remain the same.

I have a feeling he’s going to be extremely particular in the future.


Little man likes to stay up, wide awake, with mom and dad right until we are ready for bed ourselves. We begin our routine by changing his diaper. I’ve been putting him a diaper that’s one size larger for bed, so he has more movement. Once he’s changed, I swaddle him up tightly. I’ve found the most success with the Summer swaddle wrap. It’s a blessing! Finally, I breastfeed him and then top him off with a bottle of breastmilk.

By the end of the routine, he is clean, comforted, and full. When he wakes up for his nightly feeding, we repeat the same steps.

I fully recognize, there may be a change in this routine as he continues to grow and develop, but if this works right now, I’ll take it! Yay for sleep!

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