The Plate Spinner

Do you know those people in the circus or on variety shows who spin china plates on sticks? As a wife, mother, full-time employee, etc. I feel like the World Plate Spinning Champion. I know I’m not the only one carefully trying to balance plates in hopes of preventing a serious crash on a daily basis.

Listen, I’m only three weeks into this two child parenting gig, and so far I haven’t broken any of my plates, but I’ve come close. I don’t know how parents with more than two children do it. I praise the parents who manage to keep their sanity, the homestead afloat, and have more than two kids. You’re my heroes!


My oldest (two-years old), is obsessed with his baby brother and wants to do everything he can to help us. Which is great; however, with this said, we’ve hit the “no” phase of toddler life. Every request is accompanied with “NO!” It amazes me that such a small word can cause a world of parenting frustration.


On top of saying no to anything and everything, he’s slowly transforming into a miniature Godzilla. He walks into his playroom, rips out every drawer and dumps out the contents, flips over all of toy displays, and then walks out of the room proud of his destruction (insert mic drop). When we ask for him to cleanup or help us clean he says, you guessed it, “NO!” My husband and I look at each other and all we can say is “why?” and slowly shake our heads in disbelief.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s still my little love bug and the sweetest, but lord have mercy, the toddler years are rough. I did I mention; it’s only just begun?!

The newest member of our family is a mellow baby with a sweet disposition. We’ve finally have his days and nights fixed (thank you Jesus!), but he’s now awake all day long and wants to eat, ALL.THE.TIME. I feel bad for dairy cows everywhere. I’m a walking, talking, milk factory.


He just farted…

Along with is hearty appetite comes some of the manliest farts I’ve ever heard. This child could put the loudest gas passers to shame. The toots don’t come alone; they are accompanied by the dirtiest of diapers. At least I know he’s healthy, right?!

All the spit up stains, dirty diapers, and gas is worth the love of this baby boy. He fits perfectly into our lives and it feels like he’s been here since the very beginning.

This is not a platform for me to complain and ask for your sympathies, I’m just taking a moment to highlight the messy life I love so much. Life with two kids, boys, under the age of three keeps me on my toes at all times. I’m beyond thankful for my husband as well as my family. It’s true, it does take a village to raise a child!

Circus music softly plays in the background, as I keep my plates balanced and steadily spinning.

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