7 Tips for Streamlining Your Morning Routine with Kids

Can we all agree, mornings with multiple children can be the hardest time of the day? My toddler is a creature of habit and expects his morning routine to remain consistent. I was able to provide my slightly OCD child the comfort of his routine, but then we added a newborn into the mix, and it all changed.

I came to a point, where I said to myself, “Hannah, why don’t you work smarter not harder?” After I had this Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell moment (pan out to a scene of self narration), I decided I was going to streamline my morning routine.

Now, instead of hearing my alarm go off in the morning and frantically leaping out of bed to care for my newborn while simultaneously getting my two-year-old ready for the day, I roll over check my phone and leisurely step out of bed. I don’t know about you, but I sure do prefer a calm morning with my boys.

Here are tips to streamlining your morning routine:

1. Check Your Weather App – Let’s be honest, you’re probably reading this on your phone. Since you already have your mobile device up and running, pull up that Weather App and check what the temp will be like for the next day. I always check what the weather is going to be prior to putting my two-year-old down for bed and lay out the boy’s clothes for the day. I also take time to layout my outfit and accessories (if I feel daring enough).

2. Shower the Night Before – Now, I know this is big statement to make. For many individuals they self identify as morning or evening shower-takers. For me, I am prone to taking a nighttime shower because it helps relax me, but more importantly it saves me a bunch of time in the morning. If you feel daring enough to make the change to an evening washer, I encourage you do so.

3. Get Yourself Ready First – You’ve already laid out your clothes, so you should be able to quickly and efficiently dress yourself for the day. There is nothing quite as frustrating as trying to get yourself together while your baby starts screaming for food and your two-year-old asks to be picked up simultaneously. If you’re already dressed, caring for a hungry baby and demanding toddler is much easier to manage.

4. Baby’s Feeding Routine – Once I’ve put myself together, I give myself time to feed the baby prior to getting my toddler up for the day. I’ve worked on the little one’s schedule to prep him for a 30-minute feeding with enough cushion time to get him relaxed before waking the two-year-old beast (she says in the most loving way).


5. Simplify Morning Hygiene – Every night before I go to bed, I lay out the toothpaste, tooth brush, face wash, and wash cloth for my son in the morning. Once he’s dressed, we pop in the bathroom and everything is already put together.

6. Have Breakfast Ready to Go – Have I mentioned before that my two-year-old is a creature of habit? Well, he is! Every morning before school he watches Bubble Guppies and/or Peppa Pig, drinks his juice, and enjoys his breakfast. At night, I go ahead and make his juice cup, charge up his iPad, and have the plate/bowl and silverware laid out, ready to go.


7. Be Consistent – It’s so important to remain consistent. My toddler and even the baby boy know what the routine is each and every day. Since they know what’s going to take place, it makes everything run much more smoothly.

These are just a few things I do to help keep our mornings moving while maintaining our peace-of-mind. What are your tips and tricks?

Now excuse me as I go and prep for the next day!

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