How to Get the Boy Mom Look

Now, I have something very important to tell you and it might come as a shock to you…I am a boy mom! I know, it’s shocking! Who would have guessed?!

My life is outnumbered by some extremely handsome gentlemen. It’s like living in a frat house and I just so happen to manage it.  Since I work on my own personal Greek Row, I have mastered my boy mom look. It’s not entirely glamorous, but it allows me to get the job done with a smidge of style.

Here’s how to build the perfect boy mom look:

Boy Mom Style

Closed toe shoes – No mom is ever fully protected unless she is wearing closed toe shoes, especially with boys. I rely on my trusty Converses (my shoe of choice since middle school) to protect me from the dangers of “death by Lego.” There is nothing more painful than running around the house barefoot, chasing your toddler, and stepping on a hidden Lego. Truly, nothing as painful.

Long short sleeve shirt – I’m not only wearing a long t-shirt to hide my post-pregnancy bod, but to protect my dignity. Have you ever had your child pull your shirt up in public so they could put their stuffed alligator under your shirt? No? Well let me tell you, it’s an experience. For some reason there is a fascination to lift my shirt and hide things under it (shakes her head in confusion). Also, when you have boys, you are constantly lifting, tossing, and spinning, so a long shirt eliminates the exposure of unwanted areas.

Shorts – Running around preventing your child from jumping off platforms, frolicking in the street, or flying of the playground slide, requires comfortability, breathability, and functionality. You can certainly do this in jeans, but you’ll just be hot as hell.

Flannel shirt or sweatshirt – Did I mention I’m a style icon (she says sarcastically)? Well, I am, in my own mind, and I like to accessorize with flannel. Now, I don’t wrap a flannel around my waist for 90s nostalgia, but to keep my shirt down and in place. Remember when I mentioned earlier my son likes to lift my shirt and hide things? Well, with my handy, dandy flannel, this no longer happens.

Diaper Bag – With two kids, in particular two boys, I need a diaper bag that can move with the energy of a toddler and hold all of the snacks, toys, and diapers a mom can possibly possess. My FAWN Design diaper bag gives me the functionality of a backpack and much needed style! Seriously, this is best bag for parents with multiple children.

Mama Gear – I like to call myself a mama bear, so I like to proudly display my self proclaimed title. My bangle from Just Bee Charmed allows me to do just that! I am obsessed with the quality of work, customer service, and personalization of each bangle Just Bee Charmed offers. Get yourself one TODAY!

Just Bee Charmed

Messy Bun – The general “mom look” is only complete with the addition of a messy bun. Let’s be honest, we can save time and ourselves from the torture of having our hair ripped out. Also, running around and chasing the little ones can get hot and sweaty. Having hair stick to the back of your neck is annoying and not cute.

Now that you have the basic understanding of the “mom look” go out there, embrace your boy mom style and raise some outstanding young men!

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