The Five Minute Rule – Parent Style

Have you ever been the middle of doing five million things at once? I’m constantly prepping for the next day, cooking dinner, answering work emails, and trying to stay sane – on any given day. This is my norm and I’m use to it, but I must add, in addition to all of these moving pieces, there is a small toddler standing behind me screaming at the top of his lungs “MOMMY!!!!”


Listen, I love my little one, but he sounds like a broken record when he says my name.

Insert Family Guy meme of Stewie screaming Mummy on a continuous loop at Lois

I want to share every moment with my kids, but sometimes as parent, we have to get things done, so that we can have more time to play. To a two-year-old that means nothing. Your attention as a parent is demanded and expected to be given at the drop of a hat

I have learned since my oldest became a toddler and stepped into his role of “emotional tiny human” to use what I like to call the “five-minute rule.” When he demands my attention with pleas of “up mommy, peas,” “mommy more cwackers,” or “again, again!” I ask him to give me five minutes.


Folks, it’s amazing! Giving my child a timestamp has turned into my personal sanity saver! Now, he doesn’t fully understand the concept of time, but does accept the fact that I will be there, present and accounted for, when I am able to complete my tasks at hand.

Have I abused the five-minute rule in the past? I wouldn’t say abuse per se, but I have extended the five minutes to ten from time to time. With this said, I am always ready to leap into mommy action whether it’s five or ten minutes later. I have never neglected my children’s needs. Time is going by too fast and I want to be there for everything, but sometimes I need a moment to gather my thoughts and finish my work, so I can be there, fully present for my kiddos.

Have you tried the five-minute rule? Do you think you’ll give it a try? Let me know if it works for you!

3 Simple Ways to Ease Teething Pain

Someone please explain to me as to why both of my children started teething right at three months? Am I wrong in saying that teething usually starts later? It’s not just one or two teeth, it’s five or more at one time (insert OMG face).

My little one is handling his six, yes SIX, erupting teeth like a champ! He truly is one of the happiest babies around (knock on wood he stays that way). You wouldn’t know that he’s teething except for the fact that his fist is halfway down his throat.

As a parent, the last thing I want to see is my children in pain. I’ve tried many remedies and here are three simple ways I sooth my three-month old’s aching gums.

Massage baby’s gums – After washing my hands, I will take the tip of my index finger and gentle massage along my baby’s gum line. The slight pressure eases the throbbing pain, but encourages the baby fangs to make their appearance. Most of the pain comes from the buildup of the teeth attempting to break through, so this helps speed up the process.

Nuby Teething Bib – Oh how I love the Nuby Teething Bib! This BPA Free bib is perfect for the teething babe. The tip of the bib is equipped with a teething corner that my little one likes gnaw on with pure delight. Additionally, the bib is designed to collect all of the drool that streams down the little one’s face during this troublesome time.

Get your Nuby Teething Bib >> HERE<<


Cold wash cloth – When the baby’s mouth is so little, frozen teethers can be too big and awkward to fit in the mouth, in return it is unable to fix the pain. By cooling off a wash cloth and rubbing it across their gums or allowing them to bite down can help take away some of the pain. Also, I don’t know about you, but I have an obscene amount of baby washcloths, so there are plenty to go around in my household.

If these suggestions don’t make a difference and the pain persists, always refer to your healthcare provider for additional input and potential solutions.

Now that I’ve said teeth, teething, teether, and gums an absurd amount of times, I want to know, what do you do to make it feel better to ease teething pains?

Storytime: A Toddler in Ikea

Am I the only one who fantasizes about living in an Ikea? I would float from room to room chowing down on Swedish meatballs and lingonberry spread without a care in the world. No. I’m the only one? OK, no problem!

As an adult, there is something truly magical about Ikea. The countless opportunities of different things you can do with your home is what dreams are made of. I work from home about 80% of the week, so having a workspace that is just mine and not that of my kitchen table, is extremely important. With this said, we went on a mission; a mission called “Project Get Hannah a Desk.”

I packed the diaper bag full of snacks, bottles, and juice. We loaded the ninos into the car and made the drive to the mega store also known as my future homestead.

PSA – Do not attempt to take two small children to Ikea by yourself. I am so lucky my husband was there to help.

When we arrived to Ikea, my toddler’s attitude changed right before my eyes. He went from a happy kid to that of an emotional mess. He lost his mind when we attempted to put him in the shopping cart. As he clung to my body, I made the decision to hold him throughout the store for as long as my arms could carry. As a parent, I have to pick my battles, and this was not a battle I was willing to take on.

Rorie at Ikea

About thirty minutes into the trek, he decided he was a big boy and would sit in the cart. The following 10 minutes were great and then he demanded his freedom from the metal entrapment. Listen, I don’t want to be that parent who let’s their kid run free throughout a store, so we kept him very close and of course, he hated it! What mother would I be if I didn’t frustrate my child at some point in his life?

So, we made it through the display floor of Ikea (applauds self), but it was the warehouse where everything really went South. My toddler sat on the furniture push cart as we maneuvered through the aisles grabbing the furniture we would take home to build.

Spacing on the cart was limited, and we had to take him off of the cart to load my new desk, but we were going to put him right back on. Well folks that’s when it happened – the meltdown to rule all meltdowns. He was inconsolable. The fact that we had put something on the chart threw him over the edge. We tried to reason with him, but the yells of frustration just got louder and louder, until finally I threw him over my shoulder and took him out to the car.

Every patron watched and stared as I marched out the front door into 95-degree weather, with a screaming toddler and sleeping baby in the stroller. You want to know something, I didn’t care. Of course this was a frustrating moment as a parent, but I did my best to remove us from the situation and tackle the problem while in the car. Of course, he calmed down once we got into the car and was sad he had to leave Ikea. We talked about why we had to leave and if he wanted to go back what he needed to do. He was as receptive as a two-and-a-half-year-old could be. I’ll take it as a small victory during the battle of tantrums.

Oh the mood swings of small child. You never know which way they are going to go! The lessons here folks are to first, reevaluate if you should take your small children to Ikea and two, keep you cool and help your kid process through all of the crazy emotions raging through their bodies.

Where were you the last time your toddler lost his/her mind? How did you handle it? Let me know in the comments below.

Miffy Takes Her Adventure to Walmart

As my children age, their demands to have toys of their favorite household characters increases tenfold. Now my two-year-old would be happy with a cardboard box, but it’s always heartwarming to see the joy on his face when he receives a figurine set or stuffed plush of the characters he loves so much.

When my oldest was introduced to the delightful little white bunny, Miffy, he was hooked. He developed tunnel vision for Miffy and her friends. Trying to separate him from his “shows” and bedtime stories is an act of congress (he sleeps with his Miffy books at night). So, when we learned Miffy would have her own line of toys at Walmart, we were ecstatic!


Miffy’s adventures now penetrate beyond animation and illustrations on a page, she is now a physical character my son loves. The MIFFY 6” Miffy Plush and MIFFY Little Blue Car are carried from room-to-room. They are attached to his hip and are showcased in my son’s personal show and tell productions.


The MIFFY 6” Miffy Plush is extremely affordable and wonderfully soft. She is the perfectly sized companion to join my son from his car seat to the living room and finally to his bed at night. My son gazes with much affection at the little white bunny and gives her hugs on the regular. Before going to bed at night, he takes Miffy around the house and has every member of the family gets a goodnight kiss from Miffy herself.


Get your MIFFY 6” Miffy Plush >> HERE <<

We recently added a scenic roadway rug to our kid’s playroom, and my two-year-old likes to drive his plastic toy cars along the streets and paths. Miffy’s adventures, both big and small, take to the streets on my son’s playroom floor with the MIFFY Little Blue Car figurine set. “Vroom, vroom” (as my son would say) Miffy goes speeding by as my son drives her from the mountains to the coast. Miffy has become a world class travelerwith my kid behind the wheel.


Get your MIFFY Little Blue Car >> HERE <<

This new, and exciting Miffy product launch is what this mom, and her son’s, dreams are made of. I am able to reduce his screen time, and give him more playtime with Miffy and her friends. Check out this wonderfully and affordably made toy line, now available at your local Walmart and online >> HERE <<


Make every day an adventure, be it big or small!

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Top 4 Mom and Baby Inspired Shops

I’ve made the decision to open up a small shop. I know what you’re thinking, “you’re adding one more thing to your plate?” Why yes, yes I am! There is something to be said about an individual who does what they love, and that my friends is exactly what I am doing.

In the spirit of my new journey, I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight four of my favorite shops/businesses that cater to both mom and baby. They offer quality products and should be supported by my fellow mama bears.

L’oved Baby – I am obsessed with the products and most of all the quality of items offered by L’oved Baby. Their mission is to provide clothing options for your little one that is safe and gentle on their skin. All of their products are certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) which means they are good for baby and mother earth. I love how soft the fabrics are. When I wrap my little one in his blankets or dress him in his footed overalls, I know he is comfy and cozy. It’s one company you will never regret investing in. Check them out >> HERE <<


Just Bee Charmed –  Briana is one talented mama who has expanded her businesses from cake toppers and wedding décor to jewelry that is ideal for any mom (really anyone). Her perfectly crafted charms are the accessories every mom needs. From her curated collections, to her personalized charms, as well as her outstanding customer service, Briana will create the perfect charm bangle just for you! I am in love with my mama bear and cubs bangle she designed for me. I take pride in my mama bear status, and I now can where it as a badge of honor. Along with her mom specific collection, she has charms for Disney lovers, teachers, pet lovers, and more! If you’re looking to treat yourself or find the perfect gift for someone you love, Just Bee Charmed is the answer you’ve been looking for. Check Briana out >> HERE <<


Thread Tank – Did I mention I love that I am a mama bear, more importantly the fact that I have the kids that make me a mama bear? I love, love, love Thread Tank. They have the perfect collection (motherhood) to showcase the best and sometimes trying moments of being a mom. The quality of their clothes is topnotch. I can’t get over how soft the fabric is. I want to make a set of sheets out of it, and cure my insomnia with its softness. You need to check them out and their other collections like coffee, home roots state, and more!  Check them out >> HERE <<


Spearmint Baby –  If you haven’t heard of Spearmint Baby, where have you been? If you’re looking for high quality and adorable products for your baby, a baby shower, etc. look towards Spearmint Baby. I am obsessed with the Forest Critter Swaddle and Crib Sheet that were gifted to us for our one. The pattern fits in with his woodland themed nursery perfectly; not mention he looks adorable wrapped up in this breathable, yet comfy swaddle blanket. Check them out >> HERE <<


These are just a few of the shops I love! Take a moment and check out their products and show them some love.

What are your favorite mommy/baby brands? I am always on the hunt for great shops and products. Leave them in the comments below.

Make Bedtime an Adventure

My two-year-old recently reached the stage of “I don’t want to go to bed!” and let’s just say, it has been an experience. As he continues to grow, his personality gets bigger and bigger with each passing day. Listen, I appreciate his passion, but boycotting bedtime is not an option.

I’ve tried everything, from rubbing his back, infusing lavender into his room, and reading books over and over again, but nothing seemed to work. I’m constantly catching him on the baby monitor escaping his bed to take a casual lap around his room, throw his stuffed animals out the bed and scream “oh, no! Where are you [insert stuffed animal]?,” or pull out piles of books and take them to his bed.

Honestly folks, I didn’t know what to do, until we got our hands on a copy of Welcome to Miffy’s World. Who would have thought a little white bunny would be the answer to our prayers?

Just like Dick Bruna, who created Miffy to entertain his son and create dreams of adventure, we look to Miffy for inspiration. When we pull out this book my son is locked in. When he hears “in Miffy’s world, everyone works together to make each day an adventure,” he automatically starts saying “again mommy, again!” Since we love Miffy, I start the story over again without hesitation.


To be so small, Miffy is constantly going on BIG adventures. From field trips with her class to the farm, to visits to the library with her aunt, or discovering new things with Uncle Pilot, there is never a dull moment with Miffy.

All of the fun things Miffy does creates conversations between my son and I. We talk about the journeys we can take in our dreams during bedtime. When he closes his eyes, he too can visit the cheeping chicks at the farm with Miffy. Storytime with Miffy also allows us to talk about the fun things we can do together (with the expectation of going to bed in order to do these things) like going to the zoo, the park, or the swimming pool.

I’m not going to lie, by introducing Miffy into our daytime and nighttime routines, thoughtful conversation between mommy and son, as well as a calming environment, my sweet yet energetic toddler goes to bed with ease.

If you have a toddler who is testing the concept of bedtime, I recommend taking a voyage into a world of imagination and adventure like Miffy and her friends, right before bed!

What is an essential part of your kid’s bedtime routine?

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