Make Bedtime an Adventure

My two-year-old recently reached the stage of “I don’t want to go to bed!” and let’s just say, it has been an experience. As he continues to grow, his personality gets bigger and bigger with each passing day. Listen, I appreciate his passion, but boycotting bedtime is not an option.

I’ve tried everything, from rubbing his back, infusing lavender into his room, and reading books over and over again, but nothing seemed to work. I’m constantly catching him on the baby monitor escaping his bed to take a casual lap around his room, throw his stuffed animals out the bed and scream “oh, no! Where are you [insert stuffed animal]?,” or pull out piles of books and take them to his bed.

Honestly folks, I didn’t know what to do, until we got our hands on a copy of Welcome to Miffy’s World. Who would have thought a little white bunny would be the answer to our prayers?

Just like Dick Bruna, who created Miffy to entertain his son and create dreams of adventure, we look to Miffy for inspiration. When we pull out this book my son is locked in. When he hears “in Miffy’s world, everyone works together to make each day an adventure,” he automatically starts saying “again mommy, again!” Since we love Miffy, I start the story over again without hesitation.


To be so small, Miffy is constantly going on BIG adventures. From field trips with her class to the farm, to visits to the library with her aunt, or discovering new things with Uncle Pilot, there is never a dull moment with Miffy.

All of the fun things Miffy does creates conversations between my son and I. We talk about the journeys we can take in our dreams during bedtime. When he closes his eyes, he too can visit the cheeping chicks at the farm with Miffy. Storytime with Miffy also allows us to talk about the fun things we can do together (with the expectation of going to bed in order to do these things) like going to the zoo, the park, or the swimming pool.

I’m not going to lie, by introducing Miffy into our daytime and nighttime routines, thoughtful conversation between mommy and son, as well as a calming environment, my sweet yet energetic toddler goes to bed with ease.

If you have a toddler who is testing the concept of bedtime, I recommend taking a voyage into a world of imagination and adventure like Miffy and her friends, right before bed!

What is an essential part of your kid’s bedtime routine?

Find Miffy here:
Instagram – @Miffy_Official_USA
Twitter – @MiffyOfficialUS
Facebook – @MiffyandFriendsUS
Website – 

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