Top 4 Mom and Baby Inspired Shops

I’ve made the decision to open up a small shop. I know what you’re thinking, “you’re adding one more thing to your plate?” Why yes, yes I am! There is something to be said about an individual who does what they love, and that my friends is exactly what I am doing.

In the spirit of my new journey, I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight four of my favorite shops/businesses that cater to both mom and baby. They offer quality products and should be supported by my fellow mama bears.

L’oved Baby – I am obsessed with the products and most of all the quality of items offered by L’oved Baby. Their mission is to provide clothing options for your little one that is safe and gentle on their skin. All of their products are certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) which means they are good for baby and mother earth. I love how soft the fabrics are. When I wrap my little one in his blankets or dress him in his footed overalls, I know he is comfy and cozy. It’s one company you will never regret investing in. Check them out >> HERE <<


Just Bee Charmed –  Briana is one talented mama who has expanded her businesses from cake toppers and wedding décor to jewelry that is ideal for any mom (really anyone). Her perfectly crafted charms are the accessories every mom needs. From her curated collections, to her personalized charms, as well as her outstanding customer service, Briana will create the perfect charm bangle just for you! I am in love with my mama bear and cubs bangle she designed for me. I take pride in my mama bear status, and I now can where it as a badge of honor. Along with her mom specific collection, she has charms for Disney lovers, teachers, pet lovers, and more! If you’re looking to treat yourself or find the perfect gift for someone you love, Just Bee Charmed is the answer you’ve been looking for. Check Briana out >> HERE <<


Thread Tank – Did I mention I love that I am a mama bear, more importantly the fact that I have the kids that make me a mama bear? I love, love, love Thread Tank. They have the perfect collection (motherhood) to showcase the best and sometimes trying moments of being a mom. The quality of their clothes is topnotch. I can’t get over how soft the fabric is. I want to make a set of sheets out of it, and cure my insomnia with its softness. You need to check them out and their other collections like coffee, home roots state, and more!  Check them out >> HERE <<


Spearmint Baby –  If you haven’t heard of Spearmint Baby, where have you been? If you’re looking for high quality and adorable products for your baby, a baby shower, etc. look towards Spearmint Baby. I am obsessed with the Forest Critter Swaddle and Crib Sheet that were gifted to us for our one. The pattern fits in with his woodland themed nursery perfectly; not mention he looks adorable wrapped up in this breathable, yet comfy swaddle blanket. Check them out >> HERE <<


These are just a few of the shops I love! Take a moment and check out their products and show them some love.

What are your favorite mommy/baby brands? I am always on the hunt for great shops and products. Leave them in the comments below.

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