Weird Parenting Trick – The iPad

When you become a parent, you immediately start to do some questionable things. I am not a perfect parent (she nods her head in acceptance of this statement) and I’ll admit I’ve done some kooky things in order to keep my house calm, my toddler’s emotions under control, as well as my sanity intact.

My husband and I work full-time, so our kids go to preschool during the day. I say this because my oldest son is playing and learning all day long and when he gets home we let him enjoy his iPad. He’s not filling his noggin with nonsense, but is often watching educational shows or playing learning apps.

I will admit he has become slightly dependent of his iPad; it has turned into a Joaquin Phoenix in the movie HER type of situation. With this said, we (my husband and I), have been very proactive in eliminating the codependency between our two and half year old and his tablet.


For some time he would become very upset when we said it was time for bed and he insisted on taking his iPad with him, which we did not allow. There were a lot of tears and pleas to reconsider our decision; however, we did not budge.

Now, my son is a creature of habit. If you can create a new process in his routine, you are golden! We have currently been working on the importance of the bedtime routine, i.e. bath, brushing teeth, reading, and bed. I was sitting down on the couch after getting both of my kiddos to bed one night, while the faints cries of my toddler longingly calling out for his iPad lingered in the air, and an idea was formed! What if his iPad had a routine as well?

Before my son goes to bed, we “tuck” his iPad in for a good nights sleep. I know what you’re thinking, “Hannah this is insane!” Guys, I know, but it works! My son will shut down his iPad and walk it over to the charging station. I will help him plugin his iPad and he will promptly say, “Goodnight iPad!” and that is it.

As I stated at the beginning, when you become a parent, you do ridiculous things to keep the household mellow and functioning successfully at one hundred percent. Now that my son’s beloved iPad has a bedtime routine, there are no more crocodile tears and shouts of toddler frustration. Everyone goes to sleep peacefully.

What is something you do as a parent to keep the drama down? Let me know your unconventional tips and tricks in the comments.

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