Miffy’s Pie-Less Apple Pie

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for fun and festive activities to do with my toddler. When it comes to my two and a half year old, I have to find new and exciting things for him to do, because he can easily grow tired of playing with the same toys or watching the same shows over and over again.

Recently my son has taken a liking to helping out in the kitchen. He is still too young to be trained as a culinary master, but that doesn’t mean he can’t cook. Miffy Fun has a number of activities that are perfect for you and your toddler, including some fall themed craft and cooking projects.

We love chowing down on some apples in my house. We often have two or three bags of Granny Smiths in our fridge at all times. Eating apples the same way can get boring, but with Miffy’s fall fun Pie-less Apple Pie recipe we were able to combine our favorite snack and love for cooking together into one awesome treat!

What you’ll need:

One Apple

1/8 Tsp Cinnamon

1/4 Tsp sugar


Good attitude!


Here’s how you’ll make it:

  1. “Take an apple, peel if desired, core it, and cut it into 6-8 slices.”
  2. “Add less than half of ¼ Tsp of cinnamon and ¼ Tsp sugar to slices.”
  3. “Microwave for 30 seconds or until soft.”
  4. “Allow apple slices to cool, and then enjoy!”


Pie-Less Apple Pie Recipe from Fall Fun With Miffy

This treat is so simple and easy to make! This is the perfect fall activity for you and your toddler to do together. Did I forget to mention that it’s delicious too?!


Go to www.miffyfun.com and find more fun fall-focused activities you can do with your little one! You’re in store for a great time!!

Find Miffy and her friends here:


Facebook – @MiffyAndFriendsUS

Instagram – @miffy_official_usa

Twitter – @MiffyOfficialUS

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