Teaching Toddlers to Give Back and Share

“Please share with your brother!” When you have a toddler and a baby, the struggle of teaching a nearly three-year-old the importance of sharing is a difficult journey. As we enter the season of giving, and the more I think about how I want my children to be kids that give back, I’ve brainstormed a bevy of ways to combine the art of giving back with that of sharing.


Here are three ways to show your kids how to give back through sharing:

  1. Cleaning Up and Giving Back – My children have been blessed with so much. As we approach the season of gifting and giving, we have found it important to have our toddler go through toys we have grouped together and determine which toys he would like to pass along to his baby brother and what toys he would like to donate to a local charity. By giving our son an active role in the cleaning out process we are able to share with him about the difference he is making in the lives of other children his age as well as teaching him that by sharing with his baby brother, he is letting his brother create wonderful memories with those beloved toys as well!
  2. Operation Christmas Child – There is nothing quite like seeing the joy on a child’s face as they open up a present. The Samaritan’s Purse has provided an opportunity for you and your child to bring joy to another child’s life. Have your child pick out which toys he/she wants to include in their box for a boy or girl their age and fill the box to send off to those overseas. This giving opportunity lets them have an active role in making a difference and opens up conversation on the importance of sharing.

Learn more about Operation Christmas Child here >> https://www.samaritanspurse.org/what-we-do/operation-christmas-child/ <<

  1. A Giving Bank – Inevitably, family members like to give my toddler some cash and for a toddler a five dollar bill doesn’t mean much. As he grows he will learn the importance of saving, but by starting early, we can establish two piggy banks. One bank for personal savings and one for charity. He will be able to donate the money to a charity of his choice or use the money to fill a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child or a stocking for the Salvation Army; whatever they want to do!

These are just a few ways to get your little ones in the holiday spirit of giving back as well as offer inspiration to tackle the life lesson of sharing.

How do you teach your kids about helping others and giving back? Let me know in the comments below.

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