Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids – Toddlers and Preschoolers

I am one of those parents that celebrates every holiday. When it’s Earth Day we are outside picking up litter off the ground at our local park. On Mardi Gras, this mama is making beignets. The luck of the Irish is upon us when we hunt for our pot o’ gold on St. Patrick’s Day. Our house turns into a spectacular delight during my favorite holiday, Halloween. You get the idea – I LOVE to CELEBRATE!

Valentine’s Day is no different. The boys pass out valentines a school and share in delicious treats and juice with their friends at their school’s Valentine’s Day party. With all of the fun celebration, I still like to shower my little love bugs with a bag of goodies without breaking the bank. While their gift bags have the traditional heart-shaped candies and novelty items, I like to personalize each gift based on their likes. This can be difficult when their preferences are always changing, but this year, I think I’ve got it perfected (she said humbly)!

As a self-proclaimed bargain shopping queen, I like to look for the best deal without compromising the quality of the gift. Before the 14th sneaks up on us unexpectedly, I wanted to give you an inside look to my Target Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for my toddler and preschooler.

Toddler Treats: My youngest is currently watching Coco on loop and he loves his bedtime books, so it seemed appropriate to get A Little Golden Book of his favorite movie. He also loves lip balm and the Target Bullseye Section has the perfect set of five lip balms for $3. The kid is constantly misplacing his lip balm, so this way he will have some to spare. The other bits and bobs are fun heart-shaped candies and dinner plate to put a smile on his face.

Disney Pixar COCO A Little Golden Book – $4.99 (+tax) from Target Book Section

Cools As A Crocodile Lip Balm Set – $3.00 (+tax) from Target Bullseye Section

Trolli Sour Brite Hearts – $1.00 (+tax) from Target Seasonal Section

Friendasaurus Heart Plate – $1.00 (+tax) from Target Bullseye Section

Sweetarts – $1.00 (+tax) from Target Bullseye Section

Total – Roughly $12.00

Preschooler Presents: My oldest is obsessed with Tsum Tsum figurines and recently Target has been clearing house to make room for the new blind bags and playsets. You have to dig, but I found this set on MEGA clearance in aisles of the Target Toy Section. Additionally, he LOVES alligators/crocodiles, so I had to grab him as much gator gear as I could. Lucky for me, reptiles were a big part of the Target Bullseye Section this year.

Disney Tsum Tsum The Palace of Agrabah – $4.48 (+tax) on clearance from $14.99 in Target Toy Section

Trolli Sour Brite Hearts – $1.00 (+tax) from Target Seasonal Section

Cool As A Crocodile Heart Plate – $1.00 (+tax) from Target Bullseye Section

Sweetarts – $1.00 (+tax) from Target Bullseye Section

Cool As A Crocodile Sticker Sheet – $1.00 (+tax) from Target Bullseye Section

Total – Roughly $10.00

I would say these boys are going to be thrilled with their gifts, and this mama didn’t break the bank which is something I’m proud of (pats herself on the back). What would you include in your Valentine’s Day gift guide? Let me know in the comments below.

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