Hooray Heroes – A Sibling Adventure

We LOVE books and we don’t care who knows it!

Reading is an integral part of our family life. Every night we read two books before bed with each of the boys. I often catch my sons sitting down with a book in their playroom, bedrooms, or snuggled up on the living room couch (together or alone). We have four bookshelves spread across our house filled with all types of stories and tales. Along with our favorite classics, we’ve recently added a new book we adore by Hooray Heroes.

Hooray Heroes offers the most wonderful personalized books for kids. They carefully and diligently design books specific to your little heroes. Each character’s hair, skin tone, eye color, etc. is hand selected by you to perfectly match your little one’s facial features and personality. From birthdays, to Christmas, to growing up and all the adventures in between, Hooray Heroes carefully selects stories appropriate for children ages 0 to 12.

Now the excitement of Hooray Heroes has further expanded with their Special Edition of two siblings embarking on memorable adventures in the form of poems. These poems are presented by either mom or dad about older and younger siblings or even twins! Whatever combination works for your family, you can translate that into your “Adventures of” book.

Our boys love each more than anything (they can also get on each other’s nerve) and often maneuver through life hand-in-hand. Hooray Heroes beautifully captures the bond of what it means to be a sibling through captivating illustrations and tales of hunting for pirate treasure, drawing all over the walls (true story – I’ll have to tell you about it later), or even taking on the monsters in the dark.

When we received our Special Edition of “The Adventures of Duncan and Rorie” the boys were thrilled. Our youngest loves to point out who’s who and our oldest describes in great detail to his younger brother all of the stories before them. This has really changed up the bedtime routine. Even though the boys have different bed times, we bring them together to read one or two poems of our daring redheads.

I can’t recommend Hooray Heroes enough. If you have one child or multiple, their array of personalized story options will be an excellent addition to your personal library. They also make great gifts! You can still get your books in time for Pre-Easter delivery if you order NOW. Head on over to www.hoorayhereos.com and let the adventure begin!

Use code RAINBOWS15 for 15% off your order

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