Winners Never Quit – Kids Night In Box Review

“Failure happens all the time. It happens everyday in practice. What makes you better is how you react to it.” – Mia Hamm


One of the hardest things we can teach our kids (at least for me), is the concept of overcoming “failure.” For a toddler and preschooler, wrapping their heads around not getting the outcome they want, can be extremely difficult. There are tears and fits of frustration, but it’s a special moment of learning and growing. In this month’s Kids Night In Box – Winners Never Quit, we were able to address sportsmanship, strengths and weaknesses, winning and losing, and so much more through play.


Each month, Kids Night In Box provides a perfectly curated box to address an important topic of conversation, like Winners Never Quit or April’s box, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Founder, Megan Pruitt designed this month’s box with this lesson in mind – teaching little ones to lose with dignity and how to give well wishes those who beat them. Through reading, games, videos, and art, my son and I were able to do just that!


At the very top of the box was a copy of Mia Hamm’s Winner Never Quit! I was so excited to get this box, because 1) we LOVE to read and 2) I have heard wonderful things about this children’s book. In this picture book, Mia Hamm teaches kids that playing is just as fun as winning or losing. Through words and illustrations, teaching kids about the power of being a team player was much more impactful. The Kids Night In Box also provided self reflection questions based on the age of the child. This critical thinking is such an important skill to develop and when paired with the overarching theme of sportsmanship, it’s even better. My four-year-old can’t get enough of this book.




I don’t think they were aware when they were putting together our Kids Night In Box, but my son’s favorite color is orange. He’s slightly obsessed and no one else in our family is allowed any claims to the color. I say all of this because the smiley face foam ball he received in his box is neon orange. The ball can not only be used as a stress reliever, but it is the main component of the Strengths + Weaknesses game. With the ball and spoon, kids can discover and understand that every person has his/her unique strengths and weaknesses. Provided was a list of actions, such as throwing the ball with your right hand and switching, balancing the ball on a spoon and walking, tucking the ball under the chin and walk around, balancing the ball on three fingers, and more. Ro discovered he is a master of tucking the ball under his chin as well as balancing the ball on a spoon. He did learn that he needs to work on throwing the ball in the air and catching it. He’s been practicing since we played and he’s improving every day.




Having kids identify what it means to be a good sport or a bad sport can be hard, but in our Kids Night In Box, the Good Sport Challenge addresses this concern. Have you ever seen a professional soccer player receive a red or yellow card while out on the pitch? In our box there was a dual sided card – Good Sport with a smiley face and Bad Sport with a frowny face. In the Good Sport Challenge, I read off scenarios where the child was either being a good sport or a bad sport. For example: You are playing a board game with your brother. Your brother leaves the room to go to the restroom and you move your game piece closer to the finish line. Are you being a good sport or bad sport? This was a positive challenge for Ro as he analyzed each situation to determine the best course of action.




I’ve expressed in the past our family’s love for board games. We LOVE a game night – Candy Land, Hungry Hippos, Zingo, etc. we are game. This month’s Kids Night In Box has a board game designed to teach kids on how to be a Good Sport. Each person takes turns rolling the dice and moving their soccer player across the board. If the little one gets frustrated and wants to quit, it is the perfect time to address that if one of the players quits there is no room for a winner. It’s a fun and easy way to promote healthy sportsmanship.




This is just a brief insight to all of the goal scoring fun! GOALZO! We indulged in some delicious Pure Organic Layered Fruit Bar, watched a sportsmanship video, creating our own soccer ball, and so much more! There is one more amazing thing about this box – you can reuse it all! It’s fun that can be had over and over and over again. What is better than that?


You’re probably thinking, “how can I get my box?” No worries! Go to You can also select from the Date Night In Box, Date Night In Box – Faith, and Kids Night In Box – Faith. All great options for you and your significant other or family.


What activity would you like to try? Let me know in the comments below.

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