3 Easy Ways to Use Fresh Eucalyptus

When I mention the word eucalyptus, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Most individuals would associate it with feelings of ease and calmness. A vision of relaxing in a spa-like setting where the cares of the world are washed away. The capture of a woman meditating with fluid likeness of serenity also comes to mind. Now, if you ask my four-year-old what he thinks of when he sees or smells eucalyptus, he just aggressively screams “KOALA!” in my face. It’s such a zen-like moment (she said with sarcasm). 


Eucalyptus is more than something we see in a spa setting or while taking a walkabout in Australia (because that’s something we all do, right?); it’s a powerful and versatile plant full of healing properties. Incorporating it into your everyday life, especially in the home, can reap positive benefits for you and your family. 


Honestly, there is nothing quite like the uplifting potency of freshly cut eucalyptus. My heart just smiles thinking about it. If you’re like me and you don’t have immediate access to eucalyptus, there are services that can provide you with the benefits of freshly cut greenery. My friends at Eucalyptus Farms have a subscription service that brings fragrant happiness right to your front door. Their naturally grown, Californian eucalyptus is cut, bundled, and boxed the same day to ensure you receive fresh product every time. Each bouquet comes with sixteen to eighteen 20-inch stalks for $12 a month, plus shipping. Founded in 1973, these lovely souls know exactly what they are doing. Head on over to www.eucalyptusfarms.com to order your bundle today.  


You can start the eucalyptus journey right now! Here are three easy ways to use fresh eucalyptus in your home. 


Smells Fresh


Eucalyptus is a naturally fragrant plant. Bringing freshly cut sprigs into the home transforms the space. Not only does it look great, the smell helps with the reduction of stress and anxiety. When I went through a dark phase of anxiety, eucalyptus played an integral part in positively boosting my mood. I had it EVERYWHERE! I guess this is where I publicly thank eucalyptus for helping me through that period of life. 


The fragrance from your eucalyptus bouquet doesn’t have to start and stop there. By drying your eucalyptus plant, you can utilize the leaves in other ways. It’s nature’s potpourri! Keep that smell floating around for months, by creating your own homemade air freshener or sachets. 


With scraps of fabric or mesh bags from your local craft store, you can keep your clothes smelling fresh, your mind clear, and the bugs on the outside. There are few ways to make your sachets, but in my experience, adding other dried materials, such as lemon peels (my favorite), keeps them smelling fresher, longer. 


Breath It In


Eucalyptus has properties that can help with congestion, asthma, and/or upper respiratory concerns. Like a good vapor rub, using freshly cut eucalyptus can help breakdown the mucus and open airways. If you plan on creating sachets, set aside some of the mesh bags for the tub. Place fresh eucalyptus leaves in the mesh bag and hang it underneath the bathtub faucet while you’re running your hot/warm bath water. This will release natural vapors you can breath in to open the passageways. It will also create a calming, spa-like experience in your own home. My self care comes in the form of hot baths, and eucalyptus is part of that process. Self care is the best care, am I right? 


Similarly, by boiling freshly cut eucalyptus leaves in a pot, and gently wafting in the vapors, you can tackle the congestion that comes on from colds and allergies. This is a lifesaver for our family. With two kids in preschool, ALL the germs make their way into our home. I swear, I think my husband and I get sick more than the kids. So, breathing in these natural vapors helps us get back on our feet, because let’s be honest, mom and dad don’t get a sick day. 


Lastly, hanging sprigs of freshly cut eucalyptus in the shower can emit the medicinal goodness of the plant. It’s important to hang the bundle behind the shower head and not in front. By hanging it behind the shower head, you will get all the benefits of the vapors, but you can keep your eucalyptus hanging up for about one to two weeks. 


Spill the Tea


Disclaimer – before consuming any eucalyptus tea, consult your primary physician. Safety first folks! 


Who doesn’t love a good cup of tea? When making eucalyptus tea, it is best to use fresh eucalyptus leaves versus essential oils. Eucalyptus essential oils are awesome for so many other things, especially when it comes to wound care, bug bites, hair health, pain relief, etc., but when it comes to the tea, use the leaves (unintentional rhyming right there). 


Place one (tablespoon) dried eucalyptus leaf, crushed, at the base of your 8 to 10 ounce tea/coffee cup. Bring your pot or tea kettle to a full boil. Once your water is boiled, gently pour (roughly 6 ounces) it over the top of the crushed eucalyptus leaf. Let the blend steep for no more than 8 to 10 minutes. I tend to steep my tea for 8 minutes. Once it is done steeping, strain out all of the crushed leaves from the cup. Do not directly consume eucalyptus leaves. You can add sugar or honey to sweeten the tea to your liking. This is a great way to tackle colds and congestion. The tea has similar properties to the eucalyptus bath, so enjoy those vapors as your sip on your relaxing cup of tea. 


Please remember to consult your primary physician before consuming any eucalyptus tea. 


This is just a brief introduction to the power of EUCALYPTUS! What more do you want to learn about eucalyptus? Let me know in the comments and I will share additional benefits and uses of this plant. 


If you’ve never used eucalyptus before, consider starting with sprigs of freshly cut eucalyptus in the home and go from there. Eucalyptus Farms can help you start your journey. Get $5 off today by visiting their site >> www.ecualyptusfarms.com << 


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