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My love for coffee started at the ripe age of seven-years-old. My Nana would end every meal with a cup of black coffee. One day we were sitting side-by-side at an eight-seater table at the local Fireside Restaurant (RIP – gone but not forgotten) and I turned to my Nana and asked for a sip. She pivoted, looked at me and said, “sure, but I don’t think you are going to like it.” Spoiler alert – I LOVED it! It was that very moment that opened my life to the power of the coffee bean. 


Why am I telling you this story? Well, I’ve been building coffee stains on my pearly whites (not so pearly) since 2nd grade. Twenty one years of black coffee has graced my smile and it has increased ever since I became a mom. A lot of people will joke that “coffee is LIFE” when you’re a mom, but it’s no joke. Between kids, graduate school, and a full-time job, coffee IS life (I’m drinking coffee while I type out this blog post). While I’m concerned about functioning on the day-to-day, I am also worried about my smile and the impression it leaves when I’m navigating through everyday life. 



Teeth Whitening Before - Makings of a Millennial Mama - RightTeeth Whitening Before - Makings of a Millennial Mama - FrontTeeth Whitening Before - Makings of a Millennial Mama - Left

Time is limited, so finding an effective and easy-to-use teeth whitening system at home was a must! I’ve used whitening strips and toothpaste, but they weren’t cutting it. When I was introduced to Smile Brilliant, my teeth whitening game was elevated. From the very beginning, the journey to a brighter smile was seamless. 


Smile Brilliant is a tray system with teeth whitening gel. After completing my consent card, Smile Brilliant immediately sent over an impression kit to ensure the best trays. Now if you’re like me, you may be paranoid as to whether or not you completed the impressions correctly, but no need to worry! If you need more material due to an error if you would like the kind folks over at Smile Brilliant to review your impressions before sending them in, you can call or email; they are happy to help. 


Once I received my trays, I was able to whiten my teeth while on-the-go, in the evening before bed, or while meal prepping for the week ahead. With four easy steps – 1) remove cap from whitening syringe, 2) apply a thin ribbon of whitening gel around the outer surface of the trays, 3) fit the whitening trays to your upper and lower teeth, and 4) whiten for 45 minutes to 3-hours (depending on sensitivity). 


I am known for having sensitive teeth and gums, so the lovely folks at Smile Brilliant provided me with desensitizing gel. Immediately following a whitening session, I place, with the trays, the desensitizing gel on my teeth for 15 to 20 minutes following the whitening session. This did wonders for my teeth as a progressed on my whitening adventure. 



Teeth Whitening After - Makings of a Millennial Mama - RightTeeth Whitening After - Makings of a Millennial Mama - FrontTeeth Whitening After - Makings of a Millennial Mama - Left

Twenty-one years of coffee stains have been lifted and I am happily smiling all over town with my shiny, white teeth. I was able to do all of this without sacrificing time with my kids and family. It’s the perfect product for the mom on-the-go – easy-to-use, effective, and excellent customer service. Smile Brilliant helps me smile brilliantly. 

Enter for your chance to win your own teeth whitening kit from Smile Brilliant by going to >> www.smilebrilliant.com/g/makingsofamillennialmama <<

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Use the code MAKINGSOFAMILLENNIALMAMA15 for 15% off your teeth whitening kit




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