Joy + Energy: A Joynergy Review

If you know me, you know I have a deep love for subscription services. The idea of being continuously surprised on a monthly (or seasonal basis depending on the service) is the most delightful experience. While my husband is not a fan of the occasional surprise (instantaneous gratification lol), my boys have inherited my love for the magical unknown. With the holiday season upon us, a subscription service for the kiddos is a wonderful gift. 


Joynergy is the toy subscription service tailored for your child. You (the parent) let the beautiful folks at Joynergy know your child’s gender and age and they do the rest. Your kiddos will receive a great box filled with toys designed for your child’s growth and development. Not to mention, the box shows up within 3 to 6 days from your purchase! This is a subscription service that grows with you and your child. 


I was delighted to watch the boys open their Joynergy box. Christmas came early for these kiddos. Their box came for 4 specifically curated toys and one mystery toy. This box they received:

  • Blind Box Mini Alloy Cars Series: With the mini alloy cars, the boys were able to find out, can a VW van go faster than a taxi (surprisingly yes!).


  • Click & See Projector Toy: My two-year-old has been running around with his handheld projector, so I haven’t been able to capture a picture of him, but he favors the ocean life slides. When he finds the shark, he screams “DO-DO!”

  • Bear-Shape LCD Writing Tablet: My four-year-old is preparing for Kindergarten, so the LCD writing tablet is perfect for practicing his letters. He LOVES writing his name over and over again.

  • Mini Dinosaur Egg 6-Pack: When you’re a toddler, and you’re one of my kids, you obviously have a deep love for dinosaurs. I love listening to my oldest son name each individual dinosaur.

  • 10 PC Cartoon Finger Puppets (mystery toy): Our finger puppets a HALLOWEEN themed. Did they know we have a deep love for October 31st? Either way, we are obsessed with these spooktacular puppets. 


While the kids are all about the toys, I am all about the quality and the impact it has on their developmental growth. When they are playing with Joynergy toys, I trust they are having a thrilling and thoughtful time. So, this holiday or any time during the year, gift your kids the joy of Joynergy. Head on over to and enter the code JOY10 to receive $10 off your first box


Do you love a subscription service? Let me know in the comments. 


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